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June 28th, 2017

Some little things, or stuff I’ve never finished only on this page !

~ Stephen Joseph Theatre

It looks finished but it’s not… what a shame!

~ Max Payne 3 inspired slum

~ Silver Star

~ Detroit

A scene I didn’t want to finish… here it is:

~ Art déco

A quick one, just for fun.

~ Asylum

It’s a level I made for a fighting game, just like the alley, but I don’t really like it… so I post it here.
3Ds Max, Photoshop. 4×1024 (4 diffuses, 1 alpha, 1 self-illu). 9 920 tris.
The major constraint was Virtools…

~ Provence houses

It’s part of the “village provencal” project I made a while ago with my classmates. I couldn’t finish this part because I took too much time for the church and the other house…
3Ds Max, Photoshop. 6×1024 (6 diffuses, 1 alpha). 1 621 tris.

~ Abandoned project

Some stuff I made for a project we were working on at school.
* Wall
3Ds Max, Photoshop. 1×1024 (diffuse, normal, specular).

* Ground
Uses the same textures as the wall.
3Ds Max, Photoshop.

* Debris
Using some parts of the wall and the ground.
3Ds Max, Photoshop.

* Windows
3Ds Max.

~ Soda machine

3Ds Max, Photoshop.
1×2048 (diffuse, specular, self-illu). 192 tris.

~ Locker

3Ds Max, Photoshop.
One locker : 600 tris. One door : 138 tris.
1×1024 (diffuse, normal, specular).

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    Have you build the look for this web page by yourself? It is real nice!

  2. May 2nd, 2012 at 20:17 | #2

    Nope, it’s just a WordPress theme.

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