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M6G Pistol

August 15th, 2010

Another pistol (I really like it !), but this time it’s a futuristic one : it is the M6G Pistol from Halo 3. A good old magnum I love using to make holes in aliens’ heads !
1 264 tris.
1×2048 (diffuse, normal, specular, self-illumination).


By Michaël.
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A tribute to GTA

August 2nd, 2010

Here’s a scene I’ve made with a friend (Aurélien Bayonne). For us, it’s a “tribute to Grand Theft Auto” because we are really big fans of this series of games, and we created the scene in a way it may be in a GTA : lots of objects with low details but various and colorful textures, to create a realistic scene with as few polygons as possible. Each object is individual, with its own textures (from 128 to 1024) for a total of 25 059 tris.
So, here are some “beauty shots” (=> screenshots from 3Ds Max Viewport with Hardware Shading and Ambient occlusion enabled, no retouching) and some views of the scene in the wireframe mode, without textures.

02 03 08

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